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Orfeo Group offers a complete range of services and solutions in the field of Executive Recruitment.

Firstly, companies turn to us in order to fill job openings on the executive level via Executive Search.We recruit senior-level executives for general management and key functional roles in multinational, regional and family-owned companies, as well as for start-ups. We also recruit board directors.

Secondly, we recruit and make executives available for temporary assignments via Interim Management.

And finally, Orfeo Group assists executives to do an even better job of achieving their objectives. On the basis of a personal approach we offer Executive Coaching.

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Who we are

Orfeo Group was created by pooling the complementary networks, expertise, domain knowledge and competencies of its three founding shareholders. Kurt Desmedt, Christophe VanDriessche and Bart Hamers are successful entrepreneurs who have enjoyed solid professional careers. Their combined expertise and know-how ensure that companies and executives can attain their goals more efficiently and effectively.

We regard clients and executives as our business partners. Orfeo Group attaches great importance to a long-term collaboration with its clients and is committed to building up relationships with excellent executives who may qualify as candidates for senior-level roles, now or in the future. This is yet another reason why we formed the Group.

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What we do

Orfeo Group is a search firm that advises its clients in the recruitment of outstanding executives and influential leaders.

In part due to the flexibilisation of the job market and the new expectations that modern executives are putting on their careers, recruiting can be done for both permanent positions (Executive Search) and assignments that are limited in time (Interim Management). Both types of recruitment call for a well-considered approach requiring an in-depth understanding of our clients and a detailed analysis of the skills of the candidates.

We offer a personalised approach (Executive Coaching) for all kinds of issues that can help determine the success of a career.

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Kurt Desmedt
Phone: +32 (0) 475 45 89 88
Mail: kds@orfeogroup.be

Christophe VanDriessche
Phone: +32 (0) 477 19 42 45
Mail: cvd@orfeogroup.be

Bart Hamers
Phone: +32 (0) 478 22 88 17
Mail: bhs@orfeogroup.be


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